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Independent assessment by the scientific advisory board is the linchpin for project approval. The board's decisions are preceded by analytical examination and careful weighing of the pros and cons.

Prof. Dr. jur. Thomas Schlegel

Scientific Advisor

Lawyer and lecturer for medical law in the field of health and pharmaceutical economics. An expert with in-depth knowledge on legal pitfalls and market entry barriers. A specialist for optimizing business models in the healthcare sector. He is the guarantor for safeguarding property rights and assessing the limits and opportunities of legal permissibility. A constructive analyst when it comes to rating the chances of success in the field of medical services and pharmaceuticals.


Prof. Dr. med. Clemens Bulitta

Scientific Advisor

The perfectionist. Physician, surgeon and scientist; lecturer and top manager in the international healthcare sector. It is a truly impressive combination of specializations in fields of medical engineering that this man was able to acquire at some of the most renowned universities of the world. A sound theorist, he also looks back on a decade of working for an internationally leading corporation and maintains an excellent network in the business sector, constantly keeping up on up-to-date developments. Predestined to be the medical-engineering voice on aescuvest's scientific advisory board.

Our scientific advisory board is one of aescuvest's vital unique selling points in comparison to other crowdfunding portals. Practice-minded experts put their knowledge to service for a good cause. Their experience from university teaching and their network of important contacts to the business sector guarantee an unparalleled range of expertise in assessing ideas and concepts. These people are nobody's fools.


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