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This part is greater than the sum of the whole!

Why? Because this is where the investors have their say. The crowd investors are the ones who have the financial funds – and they are the ones to decide on the investments to be recommended. The investors advisory board is where the absolutely essential experience is pooled. It requires true professionals to help make the proper selections early on, in the run-up to a project. In addition, these market participants have a good eye for detecting previously neglected details, which might become decisive in the future.

Lukasz Sulkowski, Betriebswirt-Informatik (VWA)

Investors Advisor

Represents the rare mix of cool calculator and unerring instinct. He instantly finds the catch in a proposal and knows how to protect himself and others from taking undue risks. Investor from the very start, involved in market activities both in Germany and worldwide. His portfolio contains over eighty shares from all over the world. Close contacts to the founders make for an outstanding network in the start-up scene. Full active member in the German Crowdfunding Network.

The investors advisory board is the complimentary counterpart to the scientific advisory board. While the scientific specialists analyze the concept in terms of professional and legal watertightness, the investors advisory board contributes its assessment in terms of investment recommendations. Their technical prognoses are decisive for intuitive approval in the further course of the project.


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