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Meet the team!
All members of the aescuvest competence team are aware of their own proficiency and strengths as much as they know that they can count on the knowledge and skills of the others.

Dr. rer. nat. Patrick Pfeffer


Founder and manager. Heart, hands, and mind behind aescuvest. A bioinformatician in the literal sense who strives to bring health progress to people's lives by new ideas and products – true to aescuvest's motto 'Health is a profit. For all of us.' The first independent ambassador of the platform for investors and idea givers. High-profile, international expert for systemic marketing and strategic partnerships.

Dipl. Ing. Dieter Kern


Our expert for this financing sector. He's a wizard at putting together financing, no matter how complex, to make start-ups come real. He knows how to create the best conditions possible, including exit scenarios, for the capital commitment of profit-minded investors. Employing individually tailored business models, he manages to project sustainable business success on the basis of a simple idea. Feasible business plans and realistic budgets are the result of his profound knowledge.

Jörg Diehl, MBA


As one of the first crowdfunders, he is an experienced pioneer and founder of the 'Crowdfunding Business Group Germany'. He is in charge of keeping in contact with investors and facilitating communication among them, i.e. the entire field of 'investor relations'. It is hard to find someone who knows better what seasoned and discreet investors are looking for. His personal skills in handling expectations and feedback from capital providers secure a strategic advantage for aescuvest and our start-ups.

Christoph Severin


An exceptionally experienced brand developer and mentor who is indispensable not only for the visual identity of aescuvest, but also for the communicated contents and the presentation formats for the projects. His creativity at the interface between "never-never land" and pragmatical compromise brings the required functionality to the ideas and to the platform. At the same time, he provides for a common language in aescuvest space and condenses values and goals to an authentic and alive corporate philosophy.

The competence team gathers an exclusive, hand-picked selection of specialists who can support every start-up. Their expertise covers healthcare and technology, ethics and law, sales and marketing, and the appropriate consulting complexes required specifically by start-ups. The results hedge aescuvest's above average success rate as a self-financed and independent company. Technical feasibility of products, commercial viability, and ethical as well as legal tenability lay the foundation for the integrated process.


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Health is a profit.
For all of us.