Philosophy | Mission Statement

Health is a profit. For all of us.
Asclepius was the god of medicine and healing in Greek mythology. The first part of the name aescuvest is derived from Aesculapius, his Latin name. The last part comes from 'investment'. Together, they form the brand aescuvest.
aescuvest has created an interactive network for all who are convinced of having something useful and sustainable to contribute toward progress in the health sector. These people believe in their ideas, as do the investors, who are convinced of and willing to support the projects.
The general public also benefits from the advantages of a useful product or concept that is brought to the market with the help of aescuvest. Whether patients are cured or improved or whether health-conscious people can take preventive measures, our mission is always centered on the key issue: health.



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Health is a profit.
For all of us.